Frequently Asked Questions

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What is
How do I get started with Source?
What training and resources are available for new users?
How do the Source Solutions interact and work together?
When can I get started with Source Cultivate and Source Irrigation Control?

Source Plant App

Can I use the Source Plant App without an internet connection?
What is the Source Plant App
Is the Source Plant App compatible with all operating systems for mobile and tablet?
How many plants do I need to measure to obtain enough data?
Do I need to purchase an iPad to use the Source Plant App?

Source Track

What are the benefits of using Source Track?
How can I benefit from tracking my cultivation plan in Source Track?
How does the Source Plant App interact with Source Track?
Do I need to purchase the Source Plant App on top of Source Track?
Is Source Track compatible with all sensors and climate computers?

Source Cultivate

What is Source Cultivate and how does it benefit growers?
Can Source Cultivate help in workforce and logistic planning?
Is Source Cultivate suitable for both independent and cooperative-affiliated growers?
If I’m already extremely good at yield predictions, how can I still benefit from Source Cultivate?

Source Control

Can I use Source Irrigation Control without an internet connection?
Is Source Irrigation Control compatible with all sensors and climate computers?
What are the benefits of using Source Irrigation Control?
How does Source Irrigation Control work?
What’s the methodology behind the Source Irrigation Control irrigation models?

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