Elevate Your Harvest With Source Cultivate

Introducing Source Cultivate, the cultivation solution that makes managing cultivation strategies easy and boosts overall profitability.

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Supporting Growers with Cultivation Simulation

For the entire season, Source Cultivate simulates how your cultivation growth, development, and harvest are influenced by your strategy.
Yield Forecasting

Source Cultivate provides yield forecasts for the rest of your cultivation based on the latest greenhouse measurements & your updated strategy.

Improved Price Realization

An accurate yield forecast multiple weeks ahead enables you to get the best price for each kg of production.

Season Simulation

Source Cultivate allows you to simulate different cultivation strategies and implement the strategy that meets your goals while maximizing profitability.

Data & Communication In One Place

Source Cultivate supports growers with every step of their harvest forecast from data collection to communication.

Driven By AI learning

Source Cultivate supercharges plant models with artificial intelligence, bringing the best of academic development to commercial greenhouses.

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Optimizing The Future

By simulating plant growth and development based on growers’ greenhouse measurements, Source Cultivate forecasts the future state of plants down to the fruit-level, accounting for the influence of your indoor climate strategy.

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Data-Driven Potential

Source Cultivate is your partner in achieving optimal production and profitability. With its advanced simulation capabilities, it empowers you to make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, and maximize your yield potential.

What Growers Say About Source

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“Relying on climate computers can be time-consuming. Junior growers may not have the experience to understand the root causes of problems. With Source, we can get a single overview of the state of our most important KPIs across all three of our greenhouses.”

Arus Biersteker

General Manager and Head Grower, C. Zwinkels

agrocare grower tomasz

“The best thing about Source Track is its ability to display all vital information and KPIs for our cultivations in a single, customizable overview. The Source Plant App, with its user-friendly interface and digital representation of plants, significantly reduces errors compared to manual methods.”

Tomasz Golisz

Crop Manager and Grower, Agro Care Rilland

rainbow grower carlo

“I anticipate increased harvest certainty, as we can quickly identify and correct errors, leading to overall improvement. The software system allows for swift comparison across all our businesses, which I see as a significant advantage.”

Carlo Vonk

Grower, Rainbow Middenmeer

agrocare grower peter

“The Source Track dashboard is a huge mirror held up to you as a grower.”

Paul Grootscholten

Site Manager, Agro Care Wagenpad

Bryte Greenbalance Grower Frans van den Arend

“The key lies in striking a balance between technology and human intervention in cultivation. Source Track empowers me with an enhanced overview, enabling precise control over my greenhouse.”

Frans van den Arend

Head Grower and Location Manager, Greenbalance Bryte

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Working with Source Track and the Source Plant App

Improve Harvest Predictions

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Working with Source Track and the Source Plant App

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Source Cultivate? We’ve compiled a short list of the most common questions we receive. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us!

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