The Story

Welcome to, our mission is to empower growers to provide everyone around the globe with sufficient fruits and vegetables, in a climate-resilient and resource-efficient way. We do that by building the world’s best AI software for growers - to help start, run, and expand successful growing businesses worldwide.

The Road So Far

November 2020

The Founding of

July 2021

First Greenhouse Connected to Source

December 2021

The First Grower Outside of The Netherlands Connects to Source

March 2022 Raises Seed Funding of $10 Million

June 2022

Source Plant App Launch

August 2022

Source Track Launch

February 2023 Series A Funding Round Raises $27 Million

January 2023

Source Plant App Adds Peppers

July 2023

Source Plant App For Cucumbers

September 2023 Welcomes Trish Malarkey as Independent Director

November 2023 Now Covers More Than 1400 Hectares

March 2024

Source Irrigation Control Launch

May 2024 expands into North America

June 2024

Source Cultivate Launch

Bringing Innovation To The Greenhouse

Our approach centers on harnessing cutting-edge AI technology to bolster the capabilities of fruit and vegetable growers. We're not just providing tools but building solutions that enhance efficiency, amplify results, and mitigate operational risks, enabling growers to scale their businesses effectively.

Collaboration Is Key

We work hand-in-hand with growers worldwide, valuing their insights and experiences. This synergy of on-ground knowledge and our expertise in plant science and data analytics culminates in advanced, scalable AI software tailored to the unique challenges of modern agriculture.

rows of tomato plants in greenhouse

A Clear Way Forward

Our success is closely linked to that of our partners. By elevating greenhouse operations, we inch closer to reaching our overarching goal: a world where sustainable agriculture ensures fresh food and vegetables are available for everyone.


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We're always looking for new minds and fresh talent who seek to make a difference. Have a look at our careers page to see all positions available.

Partners of

We’re honored to work alongside many growers, seed companies, climate computers, and cooperatives.

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