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The Source Plant App captures high-quality, consistent, and accurate plant data, faster.

Working With The Source Plant App

Getting started with Source and becoming ready for the next century of agriculture starts with the Plant App. The intuitive iPad application is designed for growers like you and transforms how you capture plant data, making it faster, more consistent, and extremely accurate.
Create a digital twin of your plants

Effortlessly register key plant measurements and create a digital twin of your plants.

High-quality data standardization

Capture generative and vegetative data that is consistent, accurate, and enables consistent insight across cultivations.

Offline first

The app is designed to be offline first, and therefore, doesn’t rely on an internet connection while doing measurements in the greenhouse.

Delegate with ease

Train less experienced growers faster thanks to the app’s user-friendly interface and standardization of processes.

Designed for success

Optimized for and with growers, the Plant App results in an average time-saving of 45%.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

With the Source Plant App, efficient generation of accurate, fruit-level data becomes possible. The intuitive design coupled with an offline-first approach, ensures ease of use and consistent results across cultivations.

Plant Data To Empower Growth

Through the Plant Apps' accurate, standardized data features, you improve your insights in the cultivation.
Generative Measurements

Input generative measurements by creating and updating the digital twins of your plants in the app, such as marking fruits that have set, pruning fruits, harvesting fruits, and more.

Vegetative Measurements

Record vital data such as length growth, leaves per stem, and head diameter.

Standard Measurement Protocols

Ensure uniform and accurate measurements across cultivations.

agrocare grower tomasz

“The best thing about Source Track is its ability to display all vital information and KPIs for our cultivations in a single, customizable overview. The Source Plant App, with its user-friendly interface and digital representation of plants, significantly reduces errors compared to manual methods.”

Tomasz Golisz

Crop Manager and Grower, Agro Care Rilland

rainbow grower carlo

“I anticipate increased harvest certainty, as we can quickly identify and correct errors, leading to overall improvement. The software system allows for swift comparison across all our businesses, which I see as a significant advantage.”

Carlo Vonk

Grower, Rainbow Middenmeer

v.d. Bosch grower tomatoes

“By entering controllable values for lighting, temperature, and pruning, Source Cultivate lets you simulate the impact of your choices before the season has even started.”

Bart van den Bosch

Co-Owner, A&G van den Bosch

agrocare grower peter

“The Source Track dashboard is a huge mirror held up to you as a grower.”

Paul Grootscholten

Site Manager, AgroCare Wagenpad

c zwinkels grower with his plants

“Relying on climate computers can be time-consuming, and junior growers may not have the experience to understand the root causes of problems. With Source, we can get a single overview of the state of our most important KPIs across all three of our greenhouses.”

Arus Biersteker

General Manager and Head Grower, C. Zwinkels

Bryte Greenbalance Grower Frans van den Arend

“The key lies in striking a balance between technology and human intervention in cultivation. Source Track empowers me with an enhanced overview, enabling precise control over my greenhouse.”

Frans van den Arend

Head Grower and Location Manager, Greenbalance Bryte

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Working with Source Track and the Source Plant App

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Working with Source Track and the Source Plant App