Source API For Sensors

The Source APIs enable seamless and rapid data sharing between integrated partners and allow for a near real-time connection with Source. Unlock the potential of high-quality data integration with the Source APIs.

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Real-Time Data Sharing

With the Source APIs, you can establish a direct connection with various greenhouse sensors, ensuring that sensor measurements are shared near real-time.
Improved data accessibility

Direct transmission and near real-time connection ensure higher accuracy and reduced latency.

Easier, faster and cheaper

Adding new sensors is more affordable and quicker, eliminating the need for additional implementations.

Everything in a single overview

Sending sensor readings to Source gives growers a centralized view of their greenhouse conditions.

Simplified Integration with API For Sensors

The Source API for Sensors is a technical interface for sensor providers to integrate with the Source ecosystem. Once onboarded and authorized by the grower, the sensor provider can create sensors within the Source system and send real-time measurements directly through the API.

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Maximize Your Source Solutions with Enhanced Data

Enhance the performance and accuracy of our AI-driven Source solutions with additional sensor data. Leveraging these enriched datasets, our solutions deliver superior results and valuable insights.

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