Democratizing Global Access to Fresh Produce

We believe that controlled environment agriculture is the answer to the production challenges of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our AI software, blending digitalization, AI, and plant science, empowers growers to efficiently manage and expand their farming operations, all within planetary boundaries.

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Rethinking The Global Food System

Earth’s population is dramatically increasing, fresh water is scarce, and there isn’t nearly enough food available for everyone, let alone healthy food such as fruits and vegetables.

Increase in food production is needed to feed 9.7 billion people by 2030.


Lower crop yield is expected due to climate change


Of freshwater usage worldwide is from agricultural practices.


Of people globally didn't have access to a healthy diet in 2022.

Our Mission

AI Software for Growers: Start, Run and Expand

Controlled-environment agriculture should be a big part of global food production, to solve food accessibility problems. Imagine what optimizing these facilities with AI can do.


95% Less Water Usage

Indoor farming systems can use up to 95% less water than traditional outdoor farming.


Year-Round Crop Production

With year-round crop production, we can increase yield by about 15 times that of traditional farming practices.


Energy Efficiency

Modern, digitized greenhouses are up to 40% more energy-efficient, thanks to improved technologies.


Adverse Climate Conditions

Greenhouses protect crops from heavy weather conditions, giving more stability to food production.


Give Land Back To Nature

Agriculture uses 40% of land surface, by optimizing the yield from existing farms, we can give nature more space.

Controlled-Environment Agriculture

In the middle of economic and climate changes, growers worldwide face the urgent need to meet increasing demands. Growth and scalability are hindered by long adoption times, and a scarcity of experienced growers. That’s why we need to empower growers and give them the tools they require to optimize their operations.

Together For a Better Future

At, we are committed to innovating the future of agriculture alongside growers. We deeply value the insights they provide and strive for excellence in all we do. Driven by our mission, we continuously work to enhance our solutions, ensuring progress and success.


Start Growing Smarter

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