Press Release Unveils Source APIs for Direct Data Exchange with Solutions

Enabling seamless and rapid data sharing between sensors and Source.


Amsterdam, July 2, 2024 —, the provider of AI solutions for vegetable growers, today announces the release of Source APIs. The latest addition to the offering allows for instant data exchange between sensors in greenhouses and solutions. The first release of Source APIs, Source API for Sensors, allows growers to level up their data accuracy and get access to a centralized overview. The solution also enables greenhouse growers to scale operations easier, faster and cheaper with various supported sensors, and further improve growing strategies with in-depth insights.

Source API for Sensors establishes a direct connection with sensors from nearly any manufacturer, including such widely used as Aranet, SenseNL, Quantified Sensor Technology, and more, allowing measurements to be directly shared with Source in real time. 

At Aranet, we are committed to improving horticulture technology through accurate and reliable data collection. Partnering with to integrate our sensor data over the Source API for Sensors is a significant step towards creating more intelligent and efficient greenhouse operations. We offer the widest range of horticulture sensors, including solutions for measuring volumetric water content (VWC) in the substrate. Our sensors provide root zone condition and weight data for the Irrigation Control module. This collaboration demonstrates our shared vision of providing growers with high-quality data and practical insights, ultimately boosting productivity and sustainability in horticulture,

said Gints Antoms, Global Business Development Director at Aranet.

We are thrilled to partner with to offer growers the Quantified Sensor Technology "Smart Gutter," for providing data to the Source Irrigation Control module for irrigation control. For the past 1,5 years, we’ve been integrating and rigorously testing the performance and accuracy of Quantified wireless sensors with the Source APIs. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology to ensure a smarter, more efficient future for greenhouse growing,

said Paul Kengen, commercial lead at Quantified Sensor Technology.

The list of compatible sensor manufacturers is constantly expanding and growers can directly contact to request support for their specific provider. 

Our team is passionate about seeing data put to practical use, so we developed the Source API for Sensors to bring together data from multiple sensor manufacturers into one unified platform for growers. It's exciting to witness how this supports growers in practice with a comprehensive overview of their greenhouse conditions. An additional result of more seamless exchange of high-quality data, is that it will further power the AI models behind our solutions thus unlocking extra value for growers,

said Adriaan van der Feltz, Product Manager at

Source APIs, like all products, have been created in close collaboration with leading growers, to bring maximum value and amplify growers' efforts in the greenhouse cost-effectively. By combining growers’ on-the-ground experience with's expertise in plant science and data analytics, the company has created a cutting-edge, scalable solution that addresses the most pressing challenges of modern agriculture.

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